Whether you have skylights, high windows, or simply typical windows, you can constantly benefit from home window treatments. Shades are an excellent method to protect energy, cut down on sunshine damages to your furnishings and carpet, and ensure you can set the right atmosphere. Yet Powerview motorised shades take it to an entirely new level. At Ashtead Interiors, we can assist you in finding the perfect collection of Powerview motorised shades for your home. Below’s just how they can benefit you.

Powerview Motorised Shades are Convenient

In cases of skylights or particularly tall windows, motorised shades are incredibly beneficial. The unique feature of Powerview motorised shades is that they can be controlled remotely through an app. All it takes is a single click of a button on your phone to raise or decrease the shades.

Even more incredible, you can set your shades to lower or elevate based upon a routine. If you choose your home to be cool while you’re away at the workplace, then you can have your home shuttered up during the hours you’re away. By the time you return to your house, your shades can be set to be opened up once you get home to welcome you.

Having shades for skylights and high windows can be tricky, otherwise difficult. Powerview motorised shades can easily cover your windows without you needing to grab a ladder.

Powerview Motorised Shades Can Save Your Energy Prices

A straightforward way to save cash on your energy bills is to shade your windows. During the summer, the sun can beam through your windows as well as heat your home. You’ll spend even more cash in the summer if you have the air conditioning on working overtime to cool down the house. Surrey’s motorised blinds can aid with this by shutting out sunshine during the hottest parts of the day with the power of Powerview.

You can program the blinds or shades to shut when the sunlight goes to its most potent. Without the rays radiating into your home, your aircon won’t need to function as hard.

Powerview motorised shades can also aid in the winter season. There’s constantly some warmth loss because of windows. Yet having Ashtead Interiors set up Powerview shades can maintain the warmth within your house. It’s just another action to protect your home adequately for winter.

As a result, your central heating boiler will not need to function hard to keep your house cosy. You’ll additionally discover a reduction in your energy bill.

Mount Your Shades Today

If you wish to experience all of the advantages that Powerview motorised shades can provide for you, then you need to call our company today. We’ll install them for you and show you exactly how to use their unique functions best. Call us today.