Electric awning innovation has moved on leaps and bounds over the last few years and is now simple to fit, simple to control, and surprisingly cost-effective. Yet, if you’re still uncertain whether to choose an electric option over a manually operated awning, consider these five great benefits of electric awnings.

1. Easy to Use

Electric control makes opening and shutting your awning simple, despite your strength, a lot easier than winding a crank handle. Simply touch a button on a remote and the awning will open or close carefully, quietly and efficiently. Furthermore, you do not also have to stand up from reading your magazine or relaxing on a sunlight lounger to run the awning; simply loosen up and let the motorised system do everything!

2. Maintain the Awning Fabric Taut

You can similarly control just how much you open the awning with higher accuracy than ever. With sensing units to guarantee that the awning is pulled back to specifically the ideal stress, electric awnings are constantly tough, solid, and very neat with no visible creases.

3. Stop damage

Electric and automatic systems are a should if you intend to maintain your awning looking its best for longer. The exact and controlled opening and closing of electric powered awnings helps to avoid any type of damage to the awning from any forced unrolling in time.

4. Optimum Sun and Shade Control

If you want to modify the amount of sunlight or shade your awning gives, the height of an electric awning can be altered to the desired tilt factor at the push of a button. Whether it’s too warm and you need some more shade or you wish to allow even more sunshine into your outdoor space, have full control within your reaches whether you’re inside or out.

5. Integrate Automated Awning Accessories

An excellent range of awning accessories on the marketplace can easily be included with an electric awning, allowing you to maximise your awning regardless of the climate or time of day. Exterior heating systems will take the chill off a British summertime’s evening and attractive light bars will include a romantic as well as luxurious environment to your exterior space. In addition, sun and wind sensing units can be mounted to ensure your awning instantly withdraws or opens depending on the wind and temperature level.

Book a free consultation with us if you want to learn even more about how an electric awning can operate in your garden, terrace or business premises.  All of our electric awnings use modern technology so you can feel confident that our systems are of an excellent quality that will last.