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Ashtead Interiors Privacy Policy May 2018


1, Ashtead Interiors Privacy Notice

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and related UK data protection legislation, we are committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of the information that you provide to us.

This Privacy Notice is designed to help you understand how we collect and use your information.

If you give us information about another person it is your responsibility to ensure and confirm that:

* You have told the individual who we are and how we use personal information, as set out in this Privacy Notice; and

* You have permission from the individual to provide that personal information to us and for us to use it, as set out in this Privacy Notice.

If you have any questions or queries about this policy please contact us.

2, Who we are

“Ashtead Interiors” (also referred to in this Notice as “we”, “us”, or “our”).

The Ashtead Interiors websites are supplied by Ashtead Interiors of 6 Craddocks Parade Ashtead Surrey England. Ashtead Interiors is the trading name of Fit-ex Ltd is registered in England and Wales (Regn No 05126751), with the registered address at 6 Craddocks Parade Ashtead Surrey KT21 1QL.

3, How to contact us

For any questions or concerns relating to this Privacy Policy or our data protection practices, or to make a subject access or any other request regarding the information we hold, please contact us at:

Ashtead Interiors 6 Craddocks Parade Ashtead Surrey KT21 1QL

Tel 01372 271010; email: [email protected] Website:

4, Why we need and how we use your personal information

We only collect, use and store your information where we have lawful grounds and legitimate business reasons to do so.

We collect, use and store your personal information in order to fulfil requests for quotes, products and services as part our retail and fitting business. It may also be used to verify your identity, to administer payments and to enable us to carry out anti-money laundering and other financial crime checks where required. If you pay by instalments your information may also be used to arrange credit.

The use of your data is essential for us to check your identity. We may also use it keep our records up to date, to notify you about changes to our service and to help us in develop new products and services.

If you do not provide the information required we are unlikely to be able to sell you goods or arrange our fitting service and may not be able to provide certain services to you.

We may monitor calls, emails, text messages and other communications with you. When you contact us we may keep a record of that correspondence and any information provided to us during that or any subsequent communication.

Information we keep about you is kept in a secure locked file at our office address and on our secure “stand alone” computer for invoicing and correspondence purposes.

We use cookies for collecting user information from the site. Please note that the Website will not function if you have disabled the cookies. Cookies are messages given to a web browser by a web server. The message is then stored by the browser in a text file called cookie.txt. Each time the browser requests a page from the server, this message is sent back. A cookie’s main objective is to identify users and personalise their visit by customising web pages for them, for example by welcoming them by name the next time they visit the site. A site using cookies will usually invite you to provide personal information such as your name, your email address and interests. We may use cookies to store information such as your user identification number to allow us to identify whether you have registered to use particular parts of the Website which you are using. We will only use cookies from your cookie file placed there through your web browser’s interaction with the Website.

5, Other Uses of Data


When you provide your details you will be given an opportunity to confirm whether you are happy to receive marketing material from us and selected partners. If you confirm you are happy to receive this material, we will use your postal address, email address and telephone number to send you marketing materials by post, email, telephone call or SMS. We do not pass your data to other companies for marketing purposes without your consent. You can change your mind at any time by coming to Ashtead and using our update/unsubscribe facility located on our homepage. You can also unsubscribe from emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link on any marketing communications we send you or by contacting 01372 271010. This will not impact any communications that we need to send you for the purpose of your quote, for example confirmation of your quote or your account details, notifications we need to send you regarding communications necessary for any other services you have requested that we provide to you.

Research and Analysis Activities

We and our partners use data relating to your quotes, including the personal data you supply to request your quotes and information about the services or goods you have purchased, to carry out various research and analysis activities to help us to regularly review and improve the products and services we or our partners provide. Where possible, data will be shared on an anonymised basis. The data will not be used to make any decisions that will affect you or any other individual and we require our partners to delete the data as soon as the relevant research and analysis activity is concluded.

We also use the data that we collect about you through your Website usage to carry out research and analysis into usage and activities on our Website to enable us to continue to improve our Website and our products and services. We and/or other parties may use your information for purposes such as statistical and trend research and analysis which may include computerised processes which profile you. Automatic profiling helps us understand, predict and forecast customer preferences and to improve the products and services we offer and to assess which products might be most suitable for you.

In relation to personal data used for the purposes we process this data because we have a legitimate business interest in carrying out these activities to promote and improve our business. We have ensured appropriate safeguards to protect your rights when processing this data for these purposes.

6, Nature of personal information

Personal data is any information that may identify a living individual. We collect personal information such as name, contact details, gender, marital status and other personal details depending on the nature of the goods and other services we offer.

7, Sharing information

We will only supply your personal information to other parties where such a transfer is a necessary part of the activities that we undertake, where you give us consent or where we are required to do so by law or regulation (e.g. where the disclosure is necessary for the purposes of the prevention and/or detection of crime).

We only share your information if we are satisfied that our partners or suppliers have sufficient measures in place to protect your information in the same way that we do.

We may also disclose personal information to new owners of our business in the event that we are subject to a merger or acquisition. Disclosure may also be made to enable company audits, regulatory inspections or to investigate a complaint, suspicion of fraud or a security threat.

We never share your information outside our organisation for marketing purposes without your consent.

You understand that we may disclose the information you provide to relevant other parties for the purposes described in this Notice.

8, Transfer of personal data outside the UK

Certain personal information held on our Information Technology systems may be transferred across geographical borders in accordance with applicable law. By providing us with your information, you consent to the collection, international transfer, storage, and processing of your information. These transfers are governed by European Union (EU) and subsequently Great Britain (GB) only, standard contractual clauses or equivalent data transfer agreements to protect the security and confidentiality of personal information.

9, How long we keep information about you

We will keep your information for as long as it is required to enable us to provide quotations, administer your account, offer new services and respond to any complaints (which may arise after the period of time has expired under a manufacturer guarantee). This will usually be a minimum period of seven years or otherwise as determined by law or regulation. Once we decide that we no longer need your information it will be securely and confidentially destroyed.

10, Your data protection rights

You have certain legal rights under UK data protection law and regulations, summarised as follows:

* The right to be informed about our data processing activities, including through Privacy Notices such as this.

* The right of access to the personal information we hold about you. To request a copy of this information you must make a subject access request in writing to us.

* The right of rectification. You may ask us to correct any inaccurate or incomplete data within one month.

* The right to erasure and to restrict processing. You have the right to have your personal data erased and to prevent processing except where we have a legal obligation to process your personal information. You should bear in mind that by exercising this right you may hinder or prevent our ability to provide products and services.

* The right to data portability. On your request, we will provide you with your personal data in a structured format.

* The right to object. You have particular rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling to reduce the risk that a potentially damaging decision is taken without human intervention. You can object to your personal data being used for profiling, direct marketing or research purposes.

* If you want to invoke any of these rights please write to us: Ashtead Interiors 6 Craddocks Parade Ashtead Surrey KT21 1QL Tel 01372 271010; email: [email protected]

11, Withdrawal of consent

Where you have provided your specific consent to the use of personal data, you may withdraw that consent by contacting us:

Ashtead Interiors 6 Craddocks Parade Ashtead Surrey KT21 1QL

Tel 01372 271010; email: [email protected]

12, How to make a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint about how we hold or use your data, please contact us:

Ashtead Interiors 6 Craddocks Parade Ashtead Surrey KT21 1QL

Tel 01372 271010; email: [email protected]

13, Information from other sources

We may use legal public sources such as the electoral roll and other third party sources such as credit reference agencies to obtain information about you, for example to verify your identity or check your credit history. We may also obtain information about you from credit reference agencies and similar third parties.

Such information will only be obtained from reputable sources which operate in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

14, Children’s Privacy – Those Under 18 Years Old

Our Website is not intended or designed to attract children under the age of 18 years old. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable data from children under the age of 18 years old. If you are under the age of 18 years and would like to ask a question or use this site in any way which requires you to provide your personal information, please get your parent or guardian to use the site on your behalf. This shows our commitment to protect the privacy of children by making reasonable effort to ensure that a parent has authorised the collection of the child’s personal data.

15, Other Websites/Information

This privacy notice only covers our Website, our sales and service process. Any other websites which may be linked to our Website are subject to their own privacy notice, which may differ from ours. Please check their respective websites for their own privacy notices.

Our Website does not enable our visitors to communicate with other visitors or post information to be accessed by others

We may amend this Privacy Notice from time to time for example, to keep it up to date or to comply with legal requirements. The latest version of this policy can be found at